AisleAlert Forklift Safety Warning Systems

Intelligent motion detection projects a highly-visible flashing floor light

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"You can't have false positives when your employees rely on a warehouse traffic detection system. You don't want the sensor to become a 'chicken little' that triggers so often that people pay it no attention. That's why we built AisleAlert with the most accurate sensors and controllers, which activate only when there is opposing movement from at least two directions. Because we're safety specialists, we can help you design a safety plan that helps tie together all of your systems and processes. To get started, call us or send an inquiry today."

Markus, Employee-Owner Since 2013
Safety Products Group AisleCop Technician 

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AisleAlert Traffic Detection Floor Light Systems

Because forklift/pedestrian accidents are disturbingly common, it makes sense to implement effective warning systems that help people and industrial traffic see each other in time to avoid a potentially tragic accident. AisleAlert technology does just that. These systems are highly configurable and easily implemented in almost any facility where people and traffic are forced to work together.

As traffic approaches the protected intersection from at least two directions, motion sensors detect the converging motion and trigger a bright LED light that flashes down onto the floor below the sensor at the center of the intersection.

System Diagram with light triggered

This unusual position for a flashing light helps warn both drivers and pedestrians of danger at the intersection.

The motion detection technology used with these sensors perceives only motion moving toward the sensor. Once traffic has cleared the intersection and is moving away from the sensors, the flashing light deactivates until the sensor scans detect another collision potential as traffic again approaches the sensors from at least two directions.

System Diagram with light not triggered
  • Detects traffic and warns of collisions: Motion sensors scan for converging traffic and trigger a flashing light when it's detected
  • Intelligent warning doesn't create "false positives": Because the system triggers only when traffic approaches from two or more directions, it stays silent until needed
  • Unbelievably visible: The system's ultra-bright floor light projects directly down on the traffic floor and is easily visible to both forklift drivers and pedestrians. Integrated side-mount lights also flash on the AisleAlert module when the system is triggered for even more visibility
  • Shuts down when traffic is clear: When all lanes of traffic clear the intersection, the flashing light deactivates, and sensors continue scanning for activity
  • Hangs from the ceiling: Because the system is suspended above the lane, its sensors can't be manipulated or hit by traffic
  • Light available in red or blue: Both are very visible, but depending on your operation you can choose either