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AisleCop® Safety Systems help make forklift aisles with pedestrian traffic safer.

Warehouse Entry Gates

Helps to protect pedestrians from forklift traffic at warehouse entry points

AisleCop® isn't only for forklift aisle crossings.

It is also utilized to help control pedestrian traffic flow at warehouse entry points. These are typically blind spots for individuals leaving an office, break area, or another part of an industrial facility and entering an area where forklifts or other industrial traffic is present.

Typically, this involves a single gate since there is not always an aisle to cross. The pedestrian may go along the flow of a forklift aisle, into an in-plant office, to a production area, etc. The gate is there to protect pedestrians in a non-crossing situation.

AisleCop® Warehouse Safety Gate Operation

  • Automated entry gates scan the forklift aisle in any defined configuration needed and will open the pedestrian gate only if the area is clear of industrial traffic. If there are forklifts or other traffic present, the gate remains closed. If the area is clear, the gate opens for the pedestrian and closes after a predefined amount of time.
  • In a manual setup, this gate serves to slow and focus the pedestrian by forcing her to stop, press a button and wait for the gate to open. A manual entry gate doesn't scan for forklift traffic, but it does have a very visible stoplight, warning lights, and/or audible alarms that a pedestrian is in the area. Once the gate opens, it will stay open for a defined period of time and then close on its own.

In both types of warehouse entry gates, the push button is easily reachable so that entry and exit is possible from either side. Both can be paired with boom arm gates to further enhance the visibility for forklift drivers.

A Variety Of Options

Your system can be enhanced by the inclusion of guard rails, varying methods to activate the gates, and battery backup systems. See our Options page for more information.

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AisleCopĀ®'s new, highly-visible, flashing LED pedestrian gate arm

This innovative arm features flashing LED lights for superior visibility and greater flexibility: it can be shipped in widths up to 6 feet. Our previous stop sign hoop gates are being phased out in favor of these lighter, more visible arms. For more information, contact us today.

AisleCop® systems are safety aids that help define and control access to forklift aisles. They do not provide 100% protection from industrial traffic accidents and should be treated as a safety enhancement, not a comprehensive system. AisleCop® gates do not stop forklifts or other industrial traffic. Other critical factors, such as system maintenance, safety training for drivers and pedestrians, enforcement of crossing lanes, and assessment of safe crossings are the responsibility of individuals and companies.