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AisleCop® Safety Systems help make forklift aisles with pedestrian traffic safer.

AisleCop® Manual Pedestrian Safety Gate with AisleAlert™ Detection

Automatic flashing red light alerts forklift drivers that pedestrians are in the traffic lane

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The AisleCop® Manual Pedestrian Safety Gate uses a light beam that shines across the pedestrian path at the gate opening. When the light beam is broken by someone going through the gate, the alert strobe light is triggered and will flash for a predetermined amount of time (time is adjustable). Pedestrians take own responsibility for making sure the crossing is clear of oncoming traffic before entering the traffic zone.


  1. High-duty cycle gate, built for constant daily use, easily pushes open and swings closed.
  2. Two reflective stop signs on the gate
  3. 90" high alert strobe is at eye level for forklift operators, making it easier for drivers to spot. Adjust the strobe duration from 15 seconds to 1 minute by turning an adjustment button
  4. Hinge post with base plate
  5. Extended height striker post with base plate
  6. Audible alarm which can be disabled


The typical gate is 36" wide, but custom sizes are availablle on request. You may also add guard rail to the gates to enhance your system.

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AisleCop® systems are safety aids that help define and control access to forklift aisles. They do not provide 100% protection from industrial traffic accidents and should be treated as a safety enhancement, not a comprehensive system. AisleCop® gates do not stop forklifts or other industrial traffic. Other critical factors, such as system maintenance, safety training for drivers and pedestrians, enforcement of crossing lanes, and assessment of safe crossings are the responsibility of individuals and companies.