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AisleCop® Safety Systems help make forklift aisles with pedestrian traffic safer.

Forklift Safety Gates: AisleCop®

AisleCop® helps restrict pedestrian access to aisles when forklifts are in the vicinity

Auto Gate Forklift Safety System

These systems scan for forklift traffic and won’t open if it’s present. Once activated by push-button, sensors scan the designated area and opens the gates if forklift traffic is clear. Gates close automatically once pedestrians clear the aisle

Manual Pedestrian Gate Systems

These gates are activated by a simple push-button, which opens gate(s) for entry. It does not detect forklift traffic, but helps employees cross at designated areas while slowing them and forcing them to pay more attention to traffic in the area.

Forklift Gate Boom Arms

To enhance protection, high-visibility boom arms are installed in the forklift aisle to help alert drivers of pedestrian traffic in the area. The arms synchronize to open and close with automated or manual pedestrian gates.

90% of forklifts sold in the U.S. are eventually involved in an accident - when that accident is with a pedestrian, the consequences are severe

The U.S. Department of Labor says about 100 workers are killed and another 20,000 are injured every year by forklifts in the U.S. alone, so safety is always a concern whenever forklifts and people operate in the same space. This happens frequently in most warehouses, shops, factories, distribution centers, or lumber yards.

Proactive companies are taking measures to reduce forklift injuries. Given the size and weight of forklifts, it becomes vital to control the flow of pedestrian and equipment traffic in any operation.

Ideal for blind spots, high-traffic intersections, and other high-exposure areas

Dangerous or blind intersections where visibility may be limited, such as high speed doors, or very high traffic areas are where traffic control gates are most highly recommended. When properly utilized, these gates can reduce the possibility of pedestrian traffic coming into contact with fork lift traffic.


AisleCop® can be configured to cross an aisle, to guard a dangerous door entry to a warehouse, to help protect workers during critical service times (such as at robotic cell restocking). Any blind, limited vision, or heavy traffic forklift area can be outfitted with safety systems in virtually any configuration, with any mixture of pedestrian and forklift gates to suit the application.

AisleCop® Warehouse Safety System Operation

  1. To cross the aisle, pedestrians press a push button
  2. In automated systems, sensors search for fork trucks — static or moving
  3. If a forklift is detected, lights flash and the gates remain closed until the fork lift aisle is clear
  4. If no traffic is detected, lights flash, an audible alarm beeps and the gates open into the aisle on opposing sides, creating a visual barrier for forklift drivers and allowing pedestrians to cross
  5. Once the gates are open, a motion sensor detects the presence of pedestrians so that gates remain open as long as individuals are detected in the crossing aisle
  6. Once pedestrians are clear, gates automatically close and enter standby mode so forklifts can cross the aisle
  7. AisleCop® can interface with alarm systems for emergency unrestricted egress. During fire alarms or other defined emergencies, gates can be set to automatically open and remain open until reset

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