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AisleCop® Safety Systems help make forklift aisles with pedestrian traffic safer.

Pedestrian Safety System Forklift Gates

High-visibility boom arms in the forklift aisle enhances visibility

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Forklift Gate (Boom Arm) Usage

Boom arms are installed on one or both sides of the pedestrian crosswalk, providing an additional physical barrier to forklift traffic. When the button is pressed at the gate, the boom arms will lower as the pedestrian gates open. The boom arms will then raise when the pedestrian gates close, clearing the aisle for forklift traffic.

Forklift safety gate for pedestriansFor safety, the boom arms will automatically reverse direction if they should encounter an obstruction while closing.

Forklift gates synchronize with pedestrian gates to enhance safety in forklift aisles by lowering a highly visible boom arm across the aisle. They can also be designed to work without pedestrian gates, either manually or through AisleCop® automated detection.

Gates can be installed on one or both sides of a pedestrian crossing.

The controller and a limit switch are integrated in the barrier. The barrier boom may be supplied in either standard or customized lengths to meet your crossing aisle and safety requirements. The barrier consists of a self-supporting and compact housing with a UV-resistant and environmentally-friendly powder coat finish for maximum protection against corrosion.

The barrier boom is extruded from highly stable aluminum alloy, to produce an octagonal profile of 4” x 2 x 1/16” thickness and finished with a RAL 9010 white paint then applied with red high reflective tape strips. The boom is readily visible even at night. If the barrier is to be any longer than 14 ft, it is imperative to use either a pendulum support or support post. If the available vertical height is restricted, the barrier can optionally be supplied with an articulated boom.

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AisleCop® systems are safety aids that help define and control access to forklift aisles. They do not provide 100% protection from industrial traffic accidents and should be treated as a safety enhancement, not a comprehensive system. AisleCop® gates do not stop forklifts or other industrial traffic. Other critical factors, such as system maintenance, safety training for drivers and pedestrians, enforcement of crossing lanes, and assessment of safe crossings are the responsibility of individuals and companies.