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AisleCop® Safety Systems help make forklift aisles with pedestrian traffic safer.

Warehouse Pedestrian Safety Systems

Auto Gate System detects forklift traffic and won't open if it's present

Auto Gate Systems Include the gates, controllers, and sensors as needed per application.

AisleCop® Auto Gate Safety System Operation

  1. To cross the aisle, pedestrians simply press a button. You can also specify pressure-mat or photoeye activation, but all systems should have an activation button
  2. Sensors search for fork trucks (or stackers, walkies, and other industrial traffic) - static or moving - in the forklift aisle
  3. Forklift aisle crossingIf a forklift is detected, lights flash and the gates remain closed until the fork lift aisle is clear
  4. If no traffic is detected, lights flash, an audible alarm beeps and the gates open into the aisle on opposing sides, creating a visual barrier for forklift drivers and allowing pedestrians to cross
  5. Once the gates are open, a motion sensor detects the presence of pedestrians in the crossing aisle. The gates remain open as long as individuals are detected. This can also be set on a timer, with any logic specified for your operation
  6. Once pedestrians are clear, gates automatically close after a predetermined interval and enter standby mode so forklifts can cross the aisle
  7. AisleCop® can interface with alarm systems for emergency unrestricted egress. During fire alarms or other defined emergencies, gates can be set to automatically open and remain open until reset

Overhead view - a forklift aisle

Above: plan view of a system. Forklifts are detected in the aisle by motion sensors, and pedestrian gates remain closed until they are clear. Sensors can be placed at any point along the forklift aisle. Forklift gates (boom arms) can be added for more visibility.

Customized Controls & Sensors

The Auto Gate System can be configured with multiple sensor types customized to your facility, traffic rules, timing, or processes.

You can also default the system so that it's always open to pedestrians and closes its pedestrian gates only when forklifts are present. Flexible controls allow you to create the traffic flow rules you want to suit your application and workflow rules.

A Variety Of Options

Your system can be enhanced by the inclusion of guard rails, varying methods to activate the gates, and battery backup systems. See our Options page for more information.

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AisleCop® systems are safety aids that help define and control access to forklift aisles. They do not provide 100% protection from industrial traffic accidents and should be treated as a safety enhancement, not a comprehensive system. AisleCop® gates do not stop forklifts or other industrial traffic. Other critical factors, such as system maintenance, safety training for drivers and pedestrians, enforcement of crossing lanes, and assessment of safe crossings are the responsibility of individuals and companies.